Intermediate Course


Intermediate Course, 15 lessons of 2 hours each
Starting level: A2 (Elementary level)
Attainment level: B1 (Intermediate level)
Times of lessons: Every Thursday from 7.30pm till 9.30pm
Thursday 6 September 2018 till Thursday 20 December 2018 (no lesson on Thursday 18 October)
Number of lessons: 16 x 2 hours each
Number of students: Minimum 4, maximum 10
Learning objectives:

To improve conversation skills, with a focus on practical situations.
To acquire more specific grammar, such as sentence structure and verbs.
To increase vocabulary till approximately 4000 words.
Course materials: Dutch intermediate course. The course materials include vocabulary, grammar, dialogues and exercises.
Price: € 350,-. Course materials are included in the price.
Lesson code: NL003
Enrol for this course: Enrol
Course description:
For students who are at around level A2 (basic level), we offer a Dutch intermediate group course. The course consists of 15 lessons of 2 hours each and is held every Thursday from 7.30pm till 9.30pm.

This Dutch intermediate group course has been designed for people who are at a basic level of Dutch (level A2) and who would like to further improve. The classes focus on improving vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills.

The objective of the Dutch intermediate group course is to achieve level B1 of the European Framework for Languages.

The classes will consist of small groups of between two and ten participants.

The price for the course is € 350,- per person. Study materials, coffee and tea are included in the price.