Intensive Culture and Language Course for Beginners (from Monday 9 April 2018 till Friday 20 April 2018)

What does the word ‘gezellig’ mean? How do you tell a waiter in Dutch that the service is bad? Why are Dutch people so direct? During our unique intensive Dutch course for beginners we will answer these and many other questions.

Within two weeks you will learn the fundamentals of the Dutch language. This means you will get to know the basics of Dutch grammar and gain a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words. Afterwards you will feel much more confident as you will be able to have a little chat with your Dutch neighbour, make a dentist appointment and participate in every day conversations in the office. Besides that, you will have a better understanding of the Dutch mentality and you will become more familiar with Dutch history. So when the golden carriage rides by on Prinsjesdag, you can explain to your foreign friends the origins of this typical Dutch tradition.

It is possible to register for the language part only or for the culture module. For prices, please see below.

The language and culture classes will take place in our office in the centre of The Hague, at Louis Couperusplein 2.

Intensive Dutch Language and Culture Course (50 hours in two weeks)
Attainment level: A2 (Elementary level)
From Monday 9 April 2018 till Friday 20 April 2018
Times of language classes:

Monday till Friday, from 9am till 12.30pm

Times of lunch: Monday till Friday, between 12.30pm and 1.30pm
Times of culture classes: Monday till Wednesday, from 1.30pm till 3.15pm

Thursday 12 April in The Hague, from 1.30pm till 4pm.
Thursday 19 April in Leiden, from 1.30pm till 5pm.
Number of students: Minimum 4, maximum 10
Learning objectives:

To obtain basic practical language skills needed for living in the Netherlands.
To acquire basic Dutch grammar.
To obtain a vocabulary of approximately 1000 words.
To gain a better understanding of Dutch culture, mentality and history.
Course materials:

Dutch course for beginners. The course materials include vocabulary, grammar, dialogues and exercises. / Course materials for the culture classes.

Price:    € 600,- (both language and culture)
€ 380,- (only the language part)
€ 250,- (only the culture part)
Included in the price:

Daily lunch in our office (only with both language and culture)
Lunch in a restaurant on Thursday 12 April and Thursday 19 April (only with both language and culture)
Two guided tours (only with both language and culture)
Coffee, tea and other drinks
All study materials
Lesson code: NL002
Enrol for this course: Enrol
More information about the course:
This course is suitable for those students who want to learn as much Dutch as possible in a short period of time and who would like to get a better understanding of the Dutch mentality and history. The course has been designed for people with no or almost no knowledge of Dutch and it is focused on practical language skills needed for living in the Netherlands. The course can also help to pass the Inburgeringsexamen, as it focuses on both language and culture. Every afternoon you will be given some homework to do for the next day.

There will be language classes in the mornings and culture classes or tours in the afternoons. We will serve a lunch every day in our office and we will go out to a restaurant for a lunch every Thursday afternoon.

Both the language and culture classes will take place in our office in the centre of The Hague, at Louis Couperusplein 2, in a modern and comfortable environment with free wi fi connection.

At the end of the course you will get a personal certificate.
More information about the teachers:
Arjan Blokland

The language classes will be given by Arjan Blokland, who is the director of Linden Languages. Arjan has worked as a Dutch teacher for more than ten years now, starting right after graduation from university. He studied European Studies & Languages in The Hague and Slavic Languages and Culture in Leiden. In 2007 he established Linden Languages and since then he has been teaching Dutch at several companies and international organisations in The Hague and surrounding areas. Arjan has travelled widely and has experienced many cultures.

Wietse Buma

The culture classes will be given by Wietse Buma. Wietse studied history and ethnic minority studies at Leiden University. During his studies he specialised himself in the Dutch Caribbean and the position of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands. He used to work in Suriname as a history teacher and as a correspondent for renowned Dutch newspapers such as Trouw, het Financieele Dagblad and Businessnieuws Radio. After returning to the Netherlands he worked for several years as a journalist and producer for the regional Broadcasting Corporation Omroep West. Since 2007 he has been giving cultural trainings to Dutch and international expats at the KIT (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen). Wietse is an inspired story-teller who enjoys telling expats about Dutch culture and history. Thanks to his cross-cultural experience he knows what it is like to be an expat, so he is able to give hands on advice about dealing with the Dutch. His motto is derived from the famous American management guru Stephen Covey: ‘Try first to understand, then to be understood.’